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The rudimental ritual is a series of 15 hand exercises designed for a complete daily routine practice by drummer Raphael Pannier. It's been video shot for a series of 24 pedagogical videos. 

The result of years of lessons with some of the best drum teachers on the planet, from French's classical studies to lessons with Ralph Peterson Jr, John Riley, Eric Harland or Obed Calvaire, this ritual is the condensation of the most efficient drum exercises that exist. It mixes and condenses the American rudiments, the French timpani technique, and is based on a deep listening of yourself and your own abilities. 

The goal: develop your hand technique, gain a great stick control, understand how your body works to optimize your capacities, develop your speed, your rhythmic vocabulary, your sound palette, your sense of time, your focus, and set up a healthy daily practice routine, essential for your drumming. 

The whole ritual has been filmed HD under professional conditions and is explained in this series of 24 pedagogical videos. It was filmed first as usually played by Raphael Pannier (-> "Performance" part) and then each exercise and concepts were explained in detail ("Theory" part). 

You can download separately : 

        - the master .pdf support (17 pages) explaining and showing the 15 exercises

        - the videos. Either individually or as a bundle. Each exercise has two parts: "Part A: Theory" and "Part B: Performance". 

Follow the menu to understand which chapter talks about which exercise. 


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or wish to take private lessons about this ritual! Have a great (and intense) practice!!


The Ritual

Individual Videos

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